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Here at INellas Restoration Center, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2019, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.


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INellas Restoration Center will provide a safe place where Women and Children whom are survivors of Domestic Violence will find shelter and heal from the effects of Emotional, Physical, and Psychological abuse. INellas will help survivors learn new skills that empower them to live independent of abuse. INellas Restoration will educate the survivors and public concerning the rights of victims of abuse and advocate for the end of Domestic Violence.





Collaborative & Innovative


Onsite Food Pantry



Computer Literacy

& GED Classes



Court Advocacy


Employee Assistance



Case Management



20 Bed Shelter for Women & Children affected by Domestic Violence


Group & Individual Therapy for Adults & Children



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Employment Opportunity

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Board Members

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Remona Sanders
The Founder and Executive Director

Remona Sanders is a compassionate professional with an  extensive background working with under-served and diverse populations. Her passion for  improving the lives of others and increasing cultural sensitivity and awareness drives her desire to  work with this population. Her personal testimony of growing up in a home where there was  domestic violence, allows her to have empathy and confidence that our guest can overcome this  period of their lives She is a licensed social worker who has been trained to work with survivors  of domestic violence and holds all certifications needed to serve and train others to serve this  population. Remona has also been trained in trauma-informed practices and has over 25 years of  experience working to train and develop others. INellas board consist of well-rounded people who  bring a wealth of knowledge.

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Pastor Tina Ramey

Tina is the pastor of  Emmanuel Tabernacle church, she has led several groups inside and outside of ministry. Her leadership skills have been noted throughout her career as department manager in student services,  at the University of Illinois where her ability to organize and plan improved the outcomes of the  entire team. Pastor Tina's unconditional love and leadership skills is a great asset to INellas.

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Luenetha Epperson
Executive Secretary

Lue has over 20 years of excellent customer service, she is the mother of 2 teenagers and has overcome many obstacles through perseverance and her beliefs that doing things to your best ability will result in positive outcomes. Lue has a degree in History and is a natural educator at heart. Lue is a great asset to INellas serving as our Executive Secretary .


Jeanna Ramey
Board Member

Jeanna Ramey, Bd member 

brings over 20 years of medical experience. She currently works at Northwestern Hospital  providing supportive services to clients and staff. Her ability to educate and develop others has  proven to be an asset to the profession. Jeanna has also served as the president of the outreach  ministry in which she helped to provide and acquire donations of food and clothing for the  homeless, she has a heart for serving and will be a great asset to INellas.

Christina Ramey

Christina Smallie, Board Treasure has a MBA in accounting. She has worked as a nonprofit controller for over 20 years. Her diverse skills in grant management and customer service will help Inellas keep compliant with government requirements. Christina also serves as an overseer of the youth in her church, in this role she has shown compassion and wisdom on how to meet the needs of today's youth. Christina brings a wealth of knowledge from the nonprofit sector and we are blessed to have her on the board


Olakunbi Oyedele
Board Member

Olakunbi Oyedele is a Tenacious, goal-focused Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified, Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Clinical Certified Trauma Professional, and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider whose experience has given her an opportunity to work with individuals across all lifespans.  Olakunbi’s passion for mental health and helping people has equipped her with tools, knowledge, and expertise to help people realize their God given goals and purpose in life.  She has a heart for serving and is a great asset to INellas.


Giselle González
Board Member

Giselle González is an aspiring attorney with a background in public policy, government relations, grass-roots organizing, and political strategy. Currently residing in the Chicagoland area, she is pursuing a career in law with an interest in criminal law and real estate. González has founded two non profits focusing on social and gender equality, is a published co-author for the Today’s Inspired Young Latina series, and currently works for a law firm in downtown Chicago. She is the CEO/Founder of Monarch Consulting, a firm dedicated to business formation for businesses. As a nationally recognized expert in community organizing and non-profit public policy, including her extensive background in political organizing, Giselle brings a unique multidimensional approach to her work. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and a first generation college student she recognizes the importance of building solidarity amongst communities. Giselle is dedicated to empowering communities of color, and has a passion for social, racial and gender justice.


Kelly Stone
Board Member

Kelly Stone is a marketing executive in the nonprofit tech space specializing in digital strategies and brand experience. She is currently the SVP of marketing at CompTIA, a self-funded nonprofit specializing in unlocking potential through IT certifications and tech business ownership. Kelly is a sought-after public speaker and three-time Ironman finisher. She counts donating bone marrow in 2016 as one of her most important accomplishments. Kelly holds a bachelor of science in communications from Bradley University and a master of science in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.




During the year of 2020 my family and I suffered through homelessness and struggled with food and providing basic necessities for our entire family. When we reached out for help from my son's school,they directed us to Remona Sanders with INellas Restoration Center, and I just want to thank her so much because she really came through with resources and even put our family in a hotel during the winter and holidays. Her and the people she works with gave us hope and reliance and we couldn’t be more grateful for people like her who show so much empathy,understanding and humbleness. Regardless of how little they feel they helped,we are eternally grateful for what was done for us because it showed people actually do care if you speak up. It gave us the confidence to speak out and we learned God will answer through his children. It helped us get back on our feet. We are no longer homeless and that is just the best feeling to be able to say that. We just want to say thank you,thank you,thank you!

Kindness Campaign

Dear  INellas Restoration Center, 

The Kindness Campaign ignites in people the pure quality of being friendly, generous and  considerate by leading with acts of kindness. We envision a future where compassion is at the  core of all human interaction.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the number of shelters, tent cities  (homeless settlements) and insecure families we serve due to the interruption of businesses and  community organizations.  

Thank you for donating personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene items in addition to providing event support. PPE and hygiene are almost non-existent for many due to the cost.  Your donation and support have supported many Englewood families.  

Kind Regard,

Christopher Watts, Executive Director  

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Stella Hayes Fisher


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